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Copyright noticeMost of the written messages taught in the audios on this page cannot be posted, published, transcribed or distributed due to a copyright agreement with Laurent Levy

7/3/11, The Light of Awareness

7/10/11, Laurent teaches Enjoyment & Appreciation

7/17/11, It’s not True

7/24/11, The Decision to be the Holy Spirit

7/31/11, Laurent teaches the Bus Analogy

8/7/11, You Like Having the Body to Blame

8/14/11, You Give the Gift

8/21/11, Experience is Past, Part 1

8/28/11, Experience is Past, Part 2

9/4/11, Laurent teaches Patience is Key

9/11/11, Broaden Your View

9/18/11, Choose to be Happy with the Wish to be Different

9/25/11, Looking at the Belief in Rejection
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10/2/11, The Most Effective Way

10/23/11, Persons is Just Experience

10/30/11, There Will Never Be Anything to Fear

11/6/11, Looking Beyond the Surface of the Mind

11/13/11, Love & Not Love

11/27/11, Existence & Fear of Not Existing

12/11/11, The Depth of You, Part 1

12/18/11, The Depth of You, Part 2


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