Page 9-Inner Ramana

This page archives the very first teaching of each of the messages from “The Teachings of Inner Ramana.” The original teachings are from 2009 or early 2010, prior to the publishing of the book. A few supplemental audios are also archived here from later years. The most recent teaching of these messages is archived on

Note: These messages were copyrighted by Regina Dawn Akers in 2009. In January 2014, the copyright was turned over to The Foundation for the Holy Spirit.

Copyright © 2009 by Regina Dawn Akers
Copyright © 2014 by The Foundation for the Holy Spirit

You can order the book, “The Teachings of Inner Ramana,” from the publisher,, Community Miracles Center or

Note: The names of the messages were changed when they were published. In some of these audios you will hear the original names; however the links use the published names.

Introduction – Before “Inner Ramana”

Original Teaching: Commentary on Mind (Laurent)
Supplemental: Commentary on Mind taught in 2013 by Regina

The Purpose of Surrender (Regina)

The Purpose of Surrender, Part 2 (Regina & Laurent)
The Purpose of Surrender, Part 2 continued

Instructions for Using the Mantra, (Regina)

The Circus & the Meadow, (Regina)
The Circus & the Meadow continued

Original teaching: Looking at the False I-Thought, (Laurent)
Supplemental: Looking at the False I-Thought in 2013 by Regina

After a coaching session with Inner Ramana, (Regina)

The Importance of Practice, (Regina)
The Importance of Practice, Part 2

Exposing the I thought, (Regina)
Exposing the I thought continued

Exposing the Attachment to Mind, (Laurent)
Exposing the Attachment to Mind (taught by Regina within another teaching)

Clarity on Purpose, (Regina)
Clarity on Purpose continued

Clarity on Practice, (Regina)
Clarity on Practice continued

How to Awaken from the Dream, (Regina)
How to Awaken from the Dream continued
The original teaching of this message is lost. These recordings are from 2013.

How to Awaken from the Dream, Part 2, (Regina)

Inner Ramana Message on Fear, (Regina)
Note: This message was lost & is not published

s/Self-Inquiry, (Regina)

 The Love of Discipline, (Regina)

Extinguishment of ‘I’ Thought, (Regina)

The Mind that Thinks it is Lord, (Regina)

A Contract for Awakening, (Regina)

The Bridge Identity, (Unpublished message taught by Laurent)

Pain & Purification, (Regina)

The Grace of the Guru, (Regina)

Fulltime Inquiry for Self, (Laurent)
Audiobook Sample – Regina reading Full-time Inquiry for Self

Original teaching: The Only Choice is Where, (Laurent)
Supplemental: The Only Choice is Where taught in 2014 by Regina

Three States of Mind, (Regina)

Additional Messages Never-Before Taught or Published


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